Maldoria board games

MALDORIA™ - The Legacy of the Black Queen

Maldoria is an original Croatian board game based on a famous Croatian legend about the Black Queen of Medvedgrad.

2-6 players. 12+ years.


The game contains:

  • 30 tiles, used to create a unique board for each new game;
  • 32 action cards that determine players' speed and efficiency;
  • 8 key cards;
  • 8 monster cards;
  • 6 pawns;
  • 8 keys;
  • a set of blockades;
  • a dice and
  • the rules of play.

MALDORIA™ - The Secret of Medvedgrad

Maldoria - The Secret of Medvedgrad is a "spiced up" version of a famous Don't get angry board game. Not for sale.

2-4 players, 6+ years.


The game contains:

  • 9 new tiles to build a Don't get angry board; tiles can be used for the original Maldoria - The Legacy of the Black Queen game;
  • 10 action cards;
  • 16 pawns;
  • a dice and
  • the rules of play.